USB - NMEA 0183 converter


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If you have electronics with NMEA-0183 output on board (depth, wind, heading, autopilot...) you will need an USB converter to connect to your computer. Type of connections RS422/RS485. Bidirectional.

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Windows, Linux, Navigatrix and OpenPlotter compatible. All systems usually have the necessary drivers pre-installed.

High-performance ch340T chip. Baud Rate Range: 300 ~ 115200bsp. TVS surge protection. Input led indicator (green). Output led indicator (red). USB2.0 interface, compatible with USB1.1. No external power supply needed. No seatalk compatible.


R+ <--------------- NMEA output +
R- <--------------- NMEA output -
T+ ---------------> NMEA input +
T- ---------------> NMEA input -
GND ------------  empty

Some devices seem to be incorrectly labeled. When there is input data traffic, the green led should flash strongly. If the green led is in a "dimming" state, try reversing polarity connecting R+ to NMEA output- and R- to NMEA output+.

Included items

1 x USB to 485 USB to 422 Converter Adapter
1x  USB Cable